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The Treatment Room

The Treatment Room is where our Sports Therapy sessions take place. These sessions can be for treatment of an injury, supporting rehabilitation or sports massage. You may also benefit from booking in for ad hoc or regular maintenance treatments to aid injury prevention.

Your initial appointment will consist of an assessment AND treatment meaning that you need to wear loose, comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. You may be asked to perform movements to assess your level of mobility.


In relation to the type of therapy required, the hands on treatment will be tailored to your needs. After your treatment, a home exercise programme can be provided if necessary to assist with recovery. You can, of course, also seek the assistance of the on-site gym team who provide members with appropriate exercise prescription or personal training sessions if required. 


If you are a sports competitor you can also book in for pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage to assist with recovery and injury prevention.

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