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Transform your health and vitality with ARENA HEALTH & FITNESS nutrition coaching.


"Martin was a massive help for me to find the right balance of nutrition and fitness to live a healthy lifestyle and to look the way I wanted to by training with his support and guidelines. He taught me the key ways to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle without dropping back into bad habits. Martin was so supportive while training me and helped me find what works best for me."


"To cut a long story short Martin has transformed both my physical fitness and mental health to levels that I didn’t think were possible. I’ve put on 2 stone of weight, mostly lean muscle whilst keeping my body fat to roughly the same levels. I have an abundance of energy, I’m more positive and my sense of humour has returned. My notoriously weak lower back it stronger than it has ever been and I am now lifting weights that were previously unthinkable. "




Maybe you’ve been struggling with eating habits for a long time?

Maybe your stress levels are causing you to overeat? Maybe you need support with weekly menu planning?

We can help you and your unique situation devise a strategy that will be effective AND sustainable.
We offer in-person consultations or an online coaching programme (choose between 3 months or 12 months).

Contact us to find out more!


We have a great range of effective supplements on offer to support your training including creatine, whey protein and pre-workouts. We stock various brands including Grenade, Applied Nutrition and Optimum nutrition.

From our sports vending machine we have pre-workout supplements to ensure you get the most out of your workout, plus post workout RTD's to feed your body immediately after your training session.


Also on offer is a range of protein bars and slow-release protein drinks that can be included as part of your daily nutrition.

Ask us for more information so we can advise you on the right supplements for you to enhance your results.

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