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Boutique Body and Mind Health Retreat

Arena Health and Fitness co-owner, Martin Clurow (The Fitness Mentor)is very excited to announce the ‘Boutique Body and Mind’ retreat for people who want an exclusive fitness holiday experience to boost their wellbeing and healthy lifestyle goals. Working alongside Ray Easton (V Fit Life Coach) their retreat has been designed to help you focus on your personal health and wellbeing in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. Whatever your starting point, they will ensure that everyone works at their own pace whilst taking positive steps to a healthier lifestyle during their stay.


Throughout the week they will help you develop physical, mental and practical approaches to healthy lifestyle habits in a locality whose ambiance and charm provides a refreshingly different and more energizing fitness retreat than typical residential “boot-camps”. For more retreat info please click here.

Busot, Southeastern Spain

Achieve your Personal




Martin - Gym Owner & Personal Trainer

“I thoroughly enjoy being able to see people on a regular basis to ‘check in’ and see how they are doing and witness their progress. The perfect thing about our ‘Boutique Body and Mind’ retreat is being able to spend a whole week with a small group of people and really get to know them, help develop their knowledge and provide the best resources for their long term health. With a great love and knowledge of the local area plus a real appreciation of the Spanish way of life, I know that this retreat will be the perfect platform for anyone wanting to kick start a healthier, calmer and happier way of life.”

Ray - Fit Life Coach & Personal Trainer

“I specialise in ‘fit-life’ coaching and training people not only physically, but also supporting life changes and habits to achieve health and wellbeing goals. Simple lifestyle changes can have amazing effects on overall health and fitness, connecting mind to body more effectively. For me, this retreat delivers just what I would want from a health retreat. It’s friendly, supportive, has no extreme approaches, set in a relaxing location and provides a more personalised and empathetic experience to reset your fit-life plans.”

‘Boutique Body and Mind’ health retreat is a partnership between ‘Arena Health and Fitness’ and ‘EastonV Fit Life Coach’​

For more information and to secure your space call Martin or Ray on 07958 233199 / 07887 833218

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